Webinetics is a website and mobile app development company located in Reno, Nevada.


We have experience working with companies in the following industries:

  • E-commerce
  • Marketing
  • Technology companies and technology startups
  • Healthcare organizations
  • Education and the public sector
  • Resort and travel industries



MODX and Processwire
When websites require complex backend functionality and frequent online updates, Webinetics uses best-of-breed open source content management systems like MODX and Processwire that provide complete design freedom and flexibility.
For front-end development, Webinetics leverages the AngularJS and JQuery Javascript frameworks. AngularJS, the newer of the two, is a full web app framework that uses HTML as a template language, which speeds up the development process.
Yeoman, Grunt and Bower
The Yeoman workflow comprises three types of tools for improving productivity when building a web app: the scaffolding tool (yo), the build tool (Grunt, Gulp, etc) and the package manager (like Bower and npm).
HTML5, CSS, PHP, Javascript, WordPress
Other tools and experience include programming frameworks like PHP (LAMP stack) and ASP.Net, creating custom themes for WordPress, and HTML5 and CSS development. SASS/Compass is sometimes used for CSS development.

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